Deionized Water

Taking water at your business to the next level with Deionization

AquaTek provides a Deionization Tank Exchange Service. AquaTek will customize each application to fit your specific water treatment needs. We create the high purity water that is a custom fit. Our DI exchange tanks offer the best option in portable exchange. This system consists of tanks containing specific ion exchange resins. The ion exchange tanks remove contaminants that are harmful to many industrial and commercial processes. The ion exchange tanks reach exhaustion after a certain amount of use and are unable to remove ionic impurities. AquaTek will send a technician to replace exhausted tanks onsite and replace them with freshly regenerated tanks. All of the equipment, ion exchange resins, regeneration, maintenance and repair is provided by AquaTek.

Deionization Process: Ion exchange deionizers use resins much like those used in water softeners. A deionizer uses two types of resin: one to remove Cations and one to remove Anions. With this process these specialized resins replace contaminating ions and provide pure water for your application. A Cation and Anion or Two Bed System will provide a resistivity of 200,000 ohms or less with a Neutral PH. A MixBed System will provide a resistivity of 18 megohm or less with a Netural PH.

Our DI Water Tanks provide a reliable source for deionized water. A system will be custom designed according to your desired water quality, water usage, and flow requirements. So whether for a Laboratory application, Pure Water for Rinsing Parts in Production, or a Machining Process we have the ability to provide pure water for you.

Mixed Bed

A combination of cation and anion resins mixed in a single tank allows thousands of cation and anion exchange processes take place as water passes through the resin beds. Water quality of 5 megohm or more with neutral pH.


Cation exchanger and anion exchanger connected in series. Cation exchange unit removes positively charged ions; anion exchanger removes negatively charged ions. May use weak or strong base resin. Strong base water quality of 0.2 megohm and pH of 8-9, weak base lower quality and pH of 6-7.

Multiple-Tank Systems

Three or more tanks in series or parallel or a combination in any quantity. Water quality of 15 megohm or more with neutral pH systems with mixed beds.

Photo Small DI Tanks
Portable D.I. Water Tanks

Whether a large or small application we have the size you need. This small tank provides Deionized Water for small applications like Laboratories.