Our Founder and Our History

Founder Ron Arnold
Our Founder:

When you look at our founder Ron Arnold, you would not expect that a tall, generous, jovial, and honest man would have a book-full of water treatment knowledge behind his smile. However, if you ask him about Water Softeners or have him explain the process of Reverse Osmosis you will be amazed at all of the knowledge that flows from him as if he had memorized a textbook. You would never know that he started from humble beginnings or that he took a large risk in becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, he would have you believe that it was always simple. But our founder worked every single day (and a lot of nights) for almost 50 years as he built a strong company: founded on his good values that would last the test of time.

As with most small businesses, Ron Arnold acquired a loan from the Small Business Administration. However, instead of being given words of encouragement and assistance from them he was told that most small businesses fail. This “advice” came after putting everything on the line for a down payment on our business. When asked how he felt about such odds Our Founder stayed true to his character. He gave a smile and said, “I've always wanted to own a business. That was always my desire since the beginning: to be my own boss. I got tired of people telling me what to do but it came with some risk. You sign over everything you have and you are told that not many businesses succeed and yet you still try and become an entrepreneur because you have that drive. And here we stand: still going strong.” Ron Arnold is not a gambling man but he took the biggest risk of his life on the day he signed the dotted line and founded AquaTek. With the support of his wife Beverly he embarked on his journey of entrepreneurship. And even after being told he couldn’t or shouldn’t do it: he decided to have a business outside a small town called Churubusco. Most would have turned away and yet Ron Arnold still became an entrepreneur.

At the time Our Founder started AquaTek, he had a small fleet of trucks installing water softeners and delivering exchange tanks that provided soft water to residential customers. The epitome of a small business. And through the years with the rise of new products in the water industry, growing the Commercial and Industrial side of the business, an ever growing salt delivery and filter service, and expanding to service most cities in and around Northern Indiana: his small company grew. Ron Arnold was there through every high and low with dedicated employees at his side. Working long hours and yet still trying to make it home in time for dinner. It was his commitment and endurance that made it happen.

Ron Arnold has helped AquaTek to withstand the test of time and while water may not be shiny, fast, or luxurious he provides one piece of advice for all who doubted that a water treatment company would last nearly 50 years. “Water is something that is not only here to stay but it needs to be treated so it can be used. Clean and pure water is now a demand product that will last throughout time.” Wise words from the man who grew this great business we now know as AquaTek Water Treatment.

We hope this has given you insight on the man who started it all. The man who mastered his industry. The man who is known for his honesty and integrity not only in our community but throughout the water industry. The man who did anything and everything to get the job done. The man who was self-taught because there was no University of Water. The man who worked on water softeners, trained technicians, loaded trucks, fixed anything that needed fixed, and maintained the building he bought so long ago. The man who cared about his customer, always!
Ron Arnold has made certain we are reminded that small businesses are the heart of our great community and our ever growing city. At AquaTek, we are a small business but we are mighty and carry an unending mission to grow his vision. And if you ever see Ron Arnold on the street just know he always appreciated your business and support in making his dream of being an entrepreneur come true. And he thanks you!