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AquaTek Water Treatment takes pride in being a locally owned business since 1967 and looks forward to the opportunity to provide your complete water treatment needs. Some of our services:

AquaTek Water Treatment

12624 US Highway 33 N

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Churubusco, IN 46723

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AquaTek Water Treatment Systems: Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water

This unit provides a non-interrupted flow of soft water 24 hours a day. This twin tank provides the highest efficiency and can result in up to 70% savings in salt since it regenerates only when needed. Read More...


Metered Water Softener

For a single tank there is no match to an AquaTek Metered Water Softener. Read More...


Crisp Clean Bottled Water.

Sounds refreshing, doesn't it? Only the purest water carries the AquaTek name. At your home or place of business, AquaTek Bottled Water is not only convenient, but it tastes great too! Read More...


The Nimbus Reverse Osmosis System

Effectively reduces harmful contaminants, turning everyday water into the water that nature intended for us to drink. . . fresh, natural, life sustaining water. Read More...


Salt Delivery

AquaTek Water Treatment offers a salt delivery service to existing and new residential, commercial, medical, and industrial customers. We will deliver individually by the bag or by the pallet. Read More...


Deionized Water

AquaTek provides a Deionization Tank Exchange Service. AquaTek will customize each application to fit your specific water treatment needs. We create the high purity water that is a custom fit. Read More...


Commercial Applications

AquaTek understands your company's water treatment needs. We specialize in customizing each application. Read More...